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Date: Oct 5, 2023
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Let’s hit the road through the NFC East, where every rookie card is a ticket to our beloved teams’ epic tales and glory days! Swoop into Philly, where Eagles’ cards capture high-flying moments that made history. Take a skyscraper-sized leap into NYC, where Giants’ cards tell towering tales of legendary plays. Mosey on down to Dallas, where each Cowboys’ card spins a yarn of starry showdowns under the big Texan sky. And land in Washington, where the Commanders’ cards strategize and triumph, playing out the capital’s vibrant sports history. Let’s dig in!

New York Giants

1982 Topps #434 Lawrence Taylor

The unstoppable force known as “L.T.” took the league by storm, immediately captivating fans and critics alike by earning a spot on the All-Pro team in each of his first nine seasons and seizing the Defensive Player of the Year title in his initial two. Although his single-season sack record of 20.5 has been eclipsed—he amassed 132.5 throughout his career—Taylor’s impact forever sculpted the league landscape, revolutionizing defensive play, elevating the offensive tackle position to new heights, and leaving opponents and spectators spellbound, as if ensnared by a Harry Potter charm. Did I mention he inadvertently boosted the salaries for his arch-nemeses, the offensive tackles? Taylor’s revolutionary skill set continues to resonate with teams’ ongoing search for dynamic pass rushers.

Washington Commanders

2004 Topps Chrome® #202 Sean Taylor

Taylor tragically lost his life at just 24. And if that hadn’t happened, there was probably a bust in Canton waiting on Taylor. A fast, physical, and intuitive defensive back, Taylor was on his way to becoming one of the best safeties to lace ’em up before his untimely passing. In a short time, the fan favorite and Miami Hurricanes legend struck fear in opposing quarterbacks and receivers. He used his ball-hawking talents to accumulate 12 interceptions, eight forced fumbles, two Pro Bowl nods, and a host of bone-jarring hits.

Philadelphia Eagles

1999 Topps Chrome® #147 Donovan McNabb

Boos from Eagles fans greeted Donovan McNabb at the 1999 draft, but boy, did he flip the script! McNabb, the steadfast QB from Syracuse, set Eagles records with a cool 32,873 passing yards and 92 wins, piloted them to numerous playoffs and their first Super Bowl appearance, and saw his No. 5 immortalized in the rafters. From draft day disdain to a cherished spot in Eagles lore—how’s that for a triumph?

Dallas Cowboys

1991 Topps Traded #27T Emmitt Smith

The NFL’s all-time leader in rushing yards (18,355) and a champion not once, not twice, but three times, Smith is arguably the greatest player to play for arguably the most successful franchise in football. We’re at a point where running backs barely make it through five years. Somehow, Smith made it through 15 without any major injuries or controversy. That in itself is Hall of Fame worthy.

Baddest in the Game: NFC East

1976 Topps #158 Randy White

Meet Randy White: Cowboys legend and arguably the toughest interior defensive lineman to strap ’em up! From starting as a linebacker, he shifted to defensive tackle, and boom – a star was born. Through 14 seasons, 1,104 tackles, and 111 sacks, his legacy still shines bright in league history, as he took home Co-MVP honors in the ’77 Super Bowl and ultimately landed in the Hall of Fame. A Cowboy through and through, Randy’s grit and spirit on the field will always be legendary.

AFC East Legends x RCs

AFC East Legends RCs

Topps RCs from AFC East Legends

Date: Oct 5, 2023
Topics: AFC East, Football, How To Collect, Rookie Cards
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