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Date: Oct 5, 2023
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We’re about to whip through the AFC East, exploring a lineup of exquisite rookie cards that seamlessly weave tales of triumph, tears, and tenacity from beloved franchises. Picture New England, where underdogs blossom into legends, and every rookie card whispers stories of dynasties and near-impossible victories. Veer into New York, and the Jets’ charismatic bravado transforms every card into a snappy snippet of bold promises and gleaming triumphs. Slide down to Miami, where the Dolphins’ tales of perfection and sun-soaked dominance add a mystique unlike any other. Up North, Buffalo’s unwavering spirit, embodied through daring plays and close calls, immortalizes itself in those cherished Bills cards.

Buffalo Bills

1986 Topps #389 Bruce Smith

Disruptive, devastating, and dominant, Smith built a hammock in the opponents’ backfield, treating it like an Extended Stay and becoming the only player in history to reach 200.0 career sacks. Though he never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy himself, this Virginia Tech alum became an 8-time First Team All-Pro and Hall of Famer, not to mention a pivotal piece in a ferocious Bills defense that charged into four straight Super Bowl appearances — not too shabby for the kid from Norfolk, huh.

New York Jets

1965 Topps #122 Joe Namath

Only one quarterback can lay claim to leading the Jets to a Super Bowl title, and that’s Namath. He predicted the dub, pulled out the dub, and is still the most recognized player in franchise history more than 40 years later. You might have to dive into the ole’ piggy bank for this gem of a card.

Miami Dolphins

1984 Topps #123 Dan Marino

Marino wasn’t the first quarterback with a rocket arm and lightning-quick release. But he’s arguably the most prolific and revered. When it comes to physical prowess and the art of slingin’ passes, few compare with Marino, a dynamic talent who set the stage for tremendous hurlers like Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. When scouts talk about arm talent, a Marino comparison usually ensues, and the highlights only validate that sentiment. How’s retiring with league records for passing yards (61,361), completions (4,967), and touchdown passes (420).

New England Patriots

2000 Bowman Chrome #236 Tom Brady RC

Is Brady’s place on this list any surprise? It takes one hand to count how many players are eligible for the G.O.A.T. discussion, and as we all know, Brady dominates that topic. Not only is the 2000 Bowman Chrome #236 one of the 7-time champion’s two Topps cards, but it’s his only Chromium-style joint. This is like getting your hands on gold.

Baddest in the Game: AFC East

2007 Bowman Chrome® #10 Darrelle Revis

Revis was so dominant he turned the defensive back spot into his own island. Real talk. Wide receivers were stranded when #24 lined up against them. The four-time First Team All-Pro and Hall of Fame inductee finished his career with 29 interceptions, but he’s most remembered for quarterbacks refusing to even look in his direction.

NFC East Legends x Top RCs

NFC East Legends RCs

Topps RCs from NFC East Legends

Date: Oct 5, 2023
Topics: Football, How To Collect, NFC East, Rookie Cards
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