Behind the Design: Lil Wayne x Topps Tha Carter IV 10th Anniversary

Decoding the Lil Wayne x Topps Design

Date: Aug 30, 2023
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Welcome to a celebration like no other – a tribute to the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. In honor of this momentous anniversary, we’re looking at the two most important American creations of the late 20th century: modern trading card collecting and hip-hop. Join us all month (and beyond) as we spotlight how hip-hop and the Hobby have connected to create singular and enduring cultural moments.

2021 marked a watershed moment in the world of collectibles. Celebrating a decade since Lil Wayne’s groundbreaking album Tha Carter IV, Topps took a bold step, unveiling their collaboration with the hip-hop legend, the 2021 Topps x Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV 10th Anniversary card set. It was a monumental occasion, with Lil Wayne becoming the first rapper to have an exclusive trading card set dedicated to him. Brandon Vigliatura, one of Topps’ revered art directors, was tasked with the creative challenge of designing the collaboration between these certified legends – Lil Wayne and Topps – and he helped deliver something epic.

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Discussing the inception of this set, Vigliatura said, “We were at the peak of collabs for Topps, and somehow Lil Wayne ended up on my desk.” The weight of responsibility was not lost on him, “I’ve been a Lil Wayne fan forever. Lil Wayne’s the GOAT. So yeah, I picked it up and ran with it.”

Crafting this unique card set wasn’t a walk in the park. The design process had its limitations. Vigliatura said: “We didn’t have unlimited access to all the photos that we wanted, but they provided us photos that were exclusively from the album.” Emphasizing their raw authenticity, he said, “Most photos were actually from music videos shot for Tha Carter IV. They were high-res screen grabs we could use.”


Vigliatura’s attention to detail shone through as he wove visual narratives, echoing Lil Wayne’s distinctive style and iconic music video moments. Describing the design of the set’s parallels, Vigliatura said, “One of the images was on a red background, and another one was very bold, from ‘6-foot 7-foot,’ with this light blue tint. That’s how we made the parallels.”

The set wasn’t just a celebration of Lil Wayne’s music, fashion, and larger-than-life persona. “He had the leather jackets going with the zippers and all that; I wanted to make it something in his style,” said Vigliatura, “Less reminiscent of anything Topps has done.” His ambition was to bring Topps into Lil Wayne’s world, signifying their commitment to adapting and resonating with contemporary audiences.

From Mic to Memorabilia

Recollecting his favorite moments from this project, the personal triumph for Vigliatura was when Lil Wayne showcased one of the cards on his Instagram. “It was electric, it was a moment,” he said. “Trading cards last forever. Who would’ve thought Lil Wayne would sign a trading card?”

The 2021 Topps x Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV 10th Anniversary set is a testament to the fusion of design, music, and the Hobby. It stands as a beacon of what’s achievable in the Hobby when passion meets creativity, capturing moments and making them timeless.

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