Behind the Design: 2023 Topps x Bob Ross “The Joy of Baseball”

Bringing Bob to Baseball

Date: Oct 17, 2023
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A novel fusion of classic art and athletic prowess, the 2023 Topps x Bob Ross the Joy of Baseball has landed, unveiling an array of trading cards that uniquely blend the serene landscapes of Bob Ross with the vibrant energy of baseball icons. Jackie Akerley, Topps art director, shared insights into the delicate and artistic process of integrating these two seemingly disparate worlds. She underscored the intentionality behind each card, explaining, “Our goal with these cards was not just to place each player in a Bob Ross painting, but to really make them feel grounded in the landscape.” With imaginative scenarios, such as a “larger than life Jeter emerging from behind a snowy mountain range,” Akerley and her team meticulously crafted each card to marry the realms of baseball and Bob Ross’s iconic artwork.

Imagine That

A true labor of love, each card tells its own story. The Roberto Clemente card, which Akerley denotes as a “masterpiece,” vividly represents how the team managed to meld players and paintings into a unified composition. The warm yellow glow on Clemente’s face, matching his Pirates Uniform, wasn’t accidental but a careful design choice to ensure “player and painting blending as one composition,” as Akerley warmly describes. Yet, the team did not restrict themselves to specific episodes of Ross’s show for inspiration but instead embraced his entire body of work, selecting from “hundreds of his paintings” to curate a diverse, visually stunning base set of 25 artworks.

Akerley’s enthusiasm is palpable as she delves into the playful memories forged during the design process, recounting a particularly light-hearted moment with the Esteury Ruiz image variation card. Akerley gleefully recalls, “The original image shows him on the ground after stealing second base, so we placed him on a picturesque sandy beach (base included.) You’d think he was about to build a sandcastle if he wasn’t in uniform.” Such charming, imaginative reimaginings resonate through the collection, subtly nodding towards Ross’s whimsical creativity.

Painting Pictures

Ensuring the cards visually and tactilely resonated with Ross’s artwork, Akerley’s team secured a linen card stock that mimics “the feel and look of a textured canvas.” Every color and texture intentionally pays homage to Ross’s cherished palette and methodology. This harmonization of art and sport does not simply end with aesthetics but permeates the emotional response Akerley hopes fans will experience: “I hope the fans feel joy when looking at these cards. It’s hard not to smile when seeing how we worked their favorite players into some iconic Bob Ross scenes.” In every carefully selected painting and player, Akerley and her team have ingeniously woven a tapestry that honors the legacy of Bob Ross, inviting collectors not only to reminisce but to joyfully partake in a world where every pitch, hit, and catch blossoms vividly into a Bob Ross masterpiece.

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