Vladimir Guerrero Cards to Collect

10 Vladimir Guerrero Cards to Collect

Date: Aug 1, 2023
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Vladimir Guerrero’s exceptional baseball career, marked by a mighty swing and extraordinary fielding, has turned his cards into highly coveted collector’s items. These mementos of a stellar journey, from a nine-time All-Star player to a 2018 inductee in the Baseball Hall of Fame, reflect Guerrero’s numerous career highlights, such as his .318 lifetime batting average and the 2004 American League MVP award. In a world where baseball cards often echo the legacy of the sport’s biggest stars, the Vladimir Guerrero cards shine brightest.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1995 Classic 5 Sport Autographs Vladimir Guerrero

Rewind to ’95, a year when Friends dominated “Must See TV,” and a young prodigy named Vladimir Guerrero turned card collectors and baseball enthusiasts into fans. Some say the 1995 Classic 5 Sport Autographs is his first Big League auto, but that can’t be confirmed. Either way, it’s a bit different from his usual autos because he typically signs “VGuerrero” instead of spelling out his name—a rare joint with an even rarer signature.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1995 Bowman #90 Vladimir Guerrero RC

If anyone tries to pull an “okie-doke” and tell you there are more than two official Vladimir Guerrero RCs, refer them here. Topps Ripped is here to help educate, and there are only two, with 1995 Bowman #90 Vladimir Guerrero RC being one. Stay tuned for its family member.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1995 Bowman’s Best Refractors® #B2 Vladimir Guerrero RC

Hey cousin! I told you to stay tuned for the other RC in the Vladimir Guerrero card family – the 1995 Bowman’s Best Refractors #B2 Vladimir Guerrero RC. Before the inception of Bowman Chrome®, Bowman’s Best held it down, providing the chromium and refractor flare to the hobby. At Vlady’s peak, this was the star of his collection and is still considered his top RC. The regular Bowman’s Best version of this card has a much simpler design, which is one of the reasons why the refractor is the belle of the ball.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #75 Vladimir Guerrero /50

The card design for the 1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems #75 Vladimir Guerrero /50 hits the mark for various reasons. One was that “The Impaler,” known as Vlad, was actually on top of the baseball world at this point. The Expos’ legend topped 30 homers and 100 RBIs for the first time, setting the stage for a career where he exceeded those marks seven other times—shoutout to the Metal Universe design team for this gem. There are only 50 of these in existence.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

2014 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Vladimir Guerrero /10

The 2014 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Vladimir Guerrero /10 exemplifies opulence, showcasing a luxurious patch and crisp autograph from one of baseball’s finest. It’s another rare joint with 10 of these in existence, and it’s the first card from Guerrero’s Angels days on this list. In six seasons with the organization, the Dominican-bred slugger drew four All-Star appearances and won his lone AL MVP (2004).

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold #111 Vladimir Guerrero /30

Cracking into one of these 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold #111 Vladimir Guerrero /30cards from the 2014 Topps Dynasty collection is like diving for a rare pearl in the vast ocean of baseball card collecting. Consider the odds: a 1:79 shot in every pack, with the checklist boasting 150 cards. You’re essentially embarking on an Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt through four or five boxes, each packed with promise yet no guarantees. But when you do hit gold – specifically, a Vladimir Guerrero card numbered to just 30 copies – it’s like hitting the lottery.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

2006 Exquisite Collection Ensemble Endorsements #GJPG Quads Vladimir Guerrero/Albert Pujols/Derek Jeter/Ken Griffey Jr. Auto /10

We weren’t getting through this piece without a Backyard Baseball reference. All these guys on this card shared the field with Pablo Sanchez and were featured players in the series. I know – a fantastic feat for legends only, and there’s no way it could go unmentioned.

PS: The mystique of four legends and four autos on a card numbered to 10 speaks for itself. Happy hunting! 

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

 2014 Topps Triple Threads #TTR-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero Jersey Relic

Guerrero spent only a short time in Texas – one year to be exact (2010). But he had a ball. The Silver Slugger Award winner earned his ninth and final All-Star appearance, won the Edgar Martínez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award, and helped Texas to its first AL Pennant in franchise history. These are sweet memories for Rangers fans. PS: The BAD BAL HTR die-cut references Guerrero’s penchant for slapping pitches that were way out of the strike zone.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

1996 Topps Baseball Series 2 #435 Brian Banks, Vladimir Guerrero, Andruw Jones, Billy McMillon RC

Imagine it’s 1996: the Macarena is the dance craze sweeping the nation, and a young, unassuming phenom named Vladimir Guerrero debuted in Series 2 of Topps Baseball’s flagship edition. The card, a multi-player marvel featuring Andruw Jones, Brian Banks, and Billy McMillon, is a nostalgic treasure. While Banks and McMillon might not have become household names, Jones and Guerrero did, both making appearances in none other than….. Backyard Baseball.

Vladimir Guerrero Cards

Topps Project70® #501 – 1967 Vladimir Guerrero/Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by Keith Shore.

Ok, this is awesome. We wanted to end with a bang, and this Topps TOPPS PROJECT70® #501 – 1967 Vladimir Guerrero/Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by Keith Shore does that. Salute to Keith Shore on the illustration. This card is way too cool. By the way, check out our Vlad Jr. listicle.


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