Brand History: Topps Project100

Where Art and Cards Meet

Topps Project100 is a baseball set focusing on artist collaborations, the purpose of which is to have designers, artists, and other creatives craft their own set of 100 cards. Each season features five artists, producing five cards each. Imagined as a hobby analog to music festival lineups, Project100 delivers a unique and expansive product that is equal parts art object and trading card.

Debut Year: 2020
Project100 debuted in 2020 as Project2020, developed into Project70 in 2021, and becomes Project100 in 2022.
Licensors: MLB
Artists from across the creative spectrum remake, remix, and reinterpret baseball cards.
Value Level: Accessible
Project100 delivers premium cards, but with a very focused checklist of 25 cards per season. It’s the perfect combination of affordability and premium production.

Who is Topps Project100 for?

Topps Project100 is intended for collectors who are fans of art and fans of baseball. The appeal of Project100 is that it offers an entry point into the hobby for those coming to the brand because of the artist, or those interested in a brand new, creative interpretation of their favorite players. Are you into the visual arts? Are you into baseball? Then Project100 is perfect for you.

The History

Project100 is the result of several different models of artist collaborations. First, there was Projec2020, then Project70, and finally, Project100. Each moment in developing these related releases informed Project100 as we know it today.

Project2020 was released in 2020 with the concept of 20 artists reimaging 20 iconic Topps cards. Artists including Keith Shore, Ben Baller, Naturel, Gregory Siff, Don C, Joshua Vides, Sophia Chang, and Oldmanalan remixed Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Sandy Koufax, Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken, Jr., Nolan Ryan, Jackie Robinson, and Ted Williams. The mix of artists and players was a tremendous success.

Following Project2020’s success, Project70 was released in 2021. The concept behind Project70 celebrated 70 years of Topps Series 1 designs. Artists were free to choose designs and players from any era, mixing and matching as inspiration dictated. Pulling from the same pool of artists as Project2020, as well as music and fashion heavyweights including Snoop Dogg, MARKET, Bobby Hundreds, the Shoe Surgeon, and more. Again, this was a big hit with art, music, collecting, and baseball fans.

Project100 is the result of the success of Project2020 and Project70. The Project brand’s concept has been further refined, however. Broken into four seasons of 25 cards each, Project100 focuses on a smaller checklist, premium quality, introduced autos, and foil numbering. The smaller checklist featured a curated lineup of five artists producing five original cards from scratch. Project100 featured Mister Cartoon, Luke Wessman, Louis Wes, John Geiger, Elbo, Lauren Martin, and more. Project100 featured several new ways to collect: Standard Editions of base cards, Deluxe Editions including a base and parallel, and Artist Proof Editions offering a base, parallel, and signed artist proof #’d to 20. Project100 went beyond the cards and provided first edition printed catalogs #’d to 100 of each season and fine art prints in standard and artist-signed editions #’d to 10.

What’s important about Topps Project100?

Topps Project100 is important for a variety of reasons. The brand is designed to showcase the range of visual art and artist – from graffiti artists and tattoo artists to illustrators and fine artists – that trading cards can encompass. Project100 expands the notion of what a card can look like and brings new collectors to the hobby. From legends like FUTURA, and Snoop Dogg, to legends-in-the-making creatives, including Louis Wes, and Gianni Lee, Project100 has established itself as one of the most cutting-edge brands in Topps’ portfolio. Beyond the cards, Project100 demonstrates the continued importance of Topps and the hobby in popular culture. The hobby sits at the intersection of music, art, sport, and fashion in contemporary culture.

What am I chasing?

Project100 features a couple of different ways to chase. First, the Standard Edition features a base card printed to 3,999, so you know the base edition limit. You can also go for the Deluxe Edition, which includes the base cards plus a parallel #’d to 100. Finally, there’s the artist proof edition of the base card, the parallel, and the #’d to 20 artist proof. The artist proof editions sell out quickly because it’s limited to 20. Additionally, you can chase Project100 foil stamped edition of base cards that are #’d to 299.

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