Brand History: Topps Cosmic Chrome

Debut Year: 2022
Cosmic Chrome becomes the newest addition to Topps premium baseball products.
Licensors: MLB
Cosmic Chrome is baseball only.
Value Level: Accessible
A higher-end product with a range of accessible price points.

Launched in 2022, Topps Cosmic Chrome takes all the best-in-class chromium luxury of Topps Chrome cards and blows it out to galactic proportions. The inaugural base set of 200 cards blends veterans and rookies printed on premium chromium paper with out-of-this-world colors and details redolent of the otherworldly talent of the MLB players featured on the cards.  


Topps Cosmic Chrome appeals to the more experienced collector who is already familiar with and collecting other premium products like Topps Chrome. These cards are manufactured with premium materials featuring innovative designs making them appealing as long-term investments and mini works of art for many collectors. Topps Cosmic Chrome represents collecting, elevated.  

Topps Cosmic Chrome is a fantastic update to Topps Chrome – delivering a range of Rookie Cards (RC) that will complement longstanding favorites like the Topps Chrome Rookie Autos. Topps Cosmic Chrome also includes chase-worthy inserts like 100-copy-only Supernova cards featuring the most explosive players in the MLB, and limited Youth Invasion inserts offering up a die-cut, UFO-inspired take on a young star available one to a case. Topps Cosmic Chrome provides unique investment cards for the practiced collector.  

The History

Beginning in 2022, Topps Cosmic Chrome is the newest iteration of premium products that Topps and other brands began developing and manufacturing in the early 1990s – Topps Chrome, which launched in 1996, being the obvious product progenitor. Unlike Topps Finest, which successfully introduced Topps Refractor cards to collectors, Topps Chrome remained faithful to the design and images of Topps Baseball, with elevated materials. 


Topps Cosmic Chrome tweaks Topps Chrome’s elevated products by maintaining the player images that collectors expect from Topps but with a cosmic approach to color and background design. And this product is lovingly manufactured with chromium technology creating durable, long-lasting cards. If Topps Chrome is the Hubble Telescope of cards, then Topps Cosmic Chrome is the Webb Telescope – giving collectors a whole new way to view the players and products in the card-collecting universe.  


Although Topps Cosmic Chrome is the new product on the shelves of the hobby shop, Cosmic Chrome chase cards will likely be similar to Topps Chrome RCs. For the inaugural 2022 Cosmic Chrome, expect Bobby Witt Jr., and Juan Rodriguez RCs, as well as Autos from young stars like Juan Soto.  

The most explosive players in MLB on this – or any other – planet: that’s Topps Cosmic Chrome.


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