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Why Series 1 is the Biggest Release of the Year

Date: Feb 13, 2023
Topics: Baseball, Topps Series 1
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As the days get longer, the weather begins to warm up, and the final downs on the gridiron are played, the focus of the American sports world shifts toward the return of baseball, which means the arrival of Topps Series 1 and Spring Training.

Since 1952, Topps has laid an annual foundation within the baseball card-collecting community with the release of its historic Series 1 set. It’s a tradition that will continue in 2023, with Series 1 scheduled to hit store shelves on Feb. 15.

Whether it’s the Series 1 set or one of its equally anticipated flagship tributaries — Series 2 and the Update Series — there’s no more recognizable group of releases within the hobby, and no collection is complete without cards from the Topps flagship Series.

Series 1 lays the groundwork for all of the company’s brands. Other popular releases include Heritage, Chrome, Bowman Draft, Triple Threads, Five Star, and more.

The brand bridges the gap between generations of baseball fans. Whether it’s icons of yesteryear, like Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente, or current-day superstars led by Mike Trout and Aaron Judge, Major League Baseball legends have graced Topps cards for decades.

Of course, some of the most sought-after cards from each release are the standout rookies, representing a forward-thinking investment in the future of MLB’s prized prospects.

Rising stars guaranteed to attract attention from this year’s Series 1 set include Baltimore Orioles catcher Adley Rutschman, Detroit Tigers outfielder Riley Greene and Atlanta Braves outfielder Michael Harris II, among several others.

Whether it’s one of those marquee names or potentially an under-the-radar rookie with the opportunity to enjoy a breakout season this year, rookie cards will forever be a desirable pull from any pack.

“We like to think that Series 1 really sets the tone and pace for all baseball trading cards each year,” said Topps Series 1 Brand Manager Jeremy Fullerton.

So what can fans and collectors expect from Series 1 in 2023? A base set that shows why it’s always the most awaited release of the year, but also a variety of new elements to help keep pace with the ever-evolving world of card collecting that’s returned to mainstream prominence in recent years.

Series 1 will feature a brand new group of insert cards, including Heavy Lumber, All Aces, and Welcome to the Club. These cards will include past, present, and future MLB stars. There are also a variety of autograph and relic cards for fans and collectors to rip from boxes and packs.

It doesn’t stop there. In a first-of-its-kind release from Topps Baseball, there will be a “Golden Mirror” Image Variation Short Print for all 330 cards in the base set.

“These cards are extremely rare and identifiable by their different image on the front and a card-back stamped in gold,” according to Brand Manager Jeremy Fullerton. “Should any one collector complete this whole set, they will have a highly sought-after collection on their hands.”

Put everything together, and it shows how Topps, and specifically the Series 1 set, has become a cornerstone of the hobby and maintained that position for generations. It features something for everybody, from the casual fan just starting their collecting journey to the most diehard members of the community.

Moving forward, combining a Series 1 base set that’s created the standard for so long with a variety of new, cutting-edge ideas will help ensure it remains the most anticipated release of the year well into the future.


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