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Allen & Ginter National Flag Day Cards to Collect

Date: Jun 15, 2023
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Allen & Ginter flag cards emerged in the 1880s as collectible inserts within cigarette packs. Fast forward to 2006, when Topps breathed new life into the brand, rekindling excitement among collectors. This revival showcased meticulously designed flag cards, capturing the essence of nations, states, and territories in stunning detail. The Topps revitalization transformed Allen & Ginter into a powerhouse in the Hobby, fusing nostalgia with contemporary appeal. Today, these flag cards are miniature works of art, bridging history, culture, and the joy of collecting on National Flag Day and beyond. Flag Day may have been on June 14th, but for us and Allen & Ginter everyday is Flag Day.

“Flags of All Nations,” Series 1 (N9) Liberia (1887)

In honor of National Flag Day and the upcoming Juneteenth holiday, let’s kick off this list with a nod to Liberia’s “Flags of All Nations” Series 1 card. It’s like Kobe’s alley-oop to Shaq in the ’02 playoffs against Portland: perfection. Liberia, a West African country bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast, was founded by freed slaves from the U.S. and declared independence on July 26, 1847 (though the U.S. didn’t recognize it until Feb. 5, 1862). Twenty-five years later, in 1887, Allen & Ginter unveiled a stunning 48-card set, the “Flags of All Nations,” showcasing Liberia’s beautiful flag, which resembles the U.S. flag – shoutout to this Allen & Ginter Card, Liberian Jollof, and Casava Leaf. The Liberian homies talk about it all the time, and it’s time to see what the hype is about.

Fun Fact: Tim Weah, the USMNT soccer player who scored in USA’s 1-1 draw with Wales in 2021, is of Liberian descent. His father, George, is a former soccer player and now the president of the country.

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter National Pride Derek Jeter New York Yankees #NP58

The 2009 Edition of Topps Allen and Ginter World Champions features 350 cards. One of its inserts, National Pride, is a 75-card insert dedicated to baseball players and their nationalities, including this Derek Jeter National Pride card. One of the first 10 captains in Yankees history, Jeter was also the first player named to the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Excellent timing for this insert, if I do say so myself. Make sure you check out our list of Derek Jeter RCs.

“Flags of the States and Territories” series (N11) Colorado (1888)

In 1888, Allen and Ginter’s Cigarettes released a 47-card set dedicated to the 39 U.S. States and eight territories. The Colorado card stands out for one main reason. Look: The pickaxes from the Nuggets logo found their way onto this card. Yes, they were tools used for mining, and the card came well before the Nuggets franchise and three years before Dr. James Naismith created the art known as basketball. But we just had to throw a bone at Jokic and the boys

Naval Flags series (N17) for Allen & Ginter France

In the world of trading cards, there exists a gem known as the Allen and Ginter N17 Naval Flags set from the late 1800s. While the exact year remains shrouded in the fog of time, one thing is sure: this card is an absolute showstopper. Picture it: compact yet mighty vessels, towering masts, and a curvaceous tumble-home design that screams, “We’re here to destroy!” These French battleships, with their armor-clad masts and ingenious electric elevators, were like floating fortresses. This card captures the very essence of that daring spirit.

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter National Pride 2 Japan Players Cabinet Card

Aight, this is my favorite on the list – Allen & Ginter did it with this one. The National Pride insert from 2007 features players from nine countries (Japan is featured twice), and each card features four players. This card boasts Japanese ballers Kei Igawa, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Matsui, and Ichiro Suzuki, a quartet from that era. The national flag and Japanese architecture complement this star-studded group.


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