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Get to Know The Tennesse QB’s Story

Date: Jul 17, 2023
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Joe Milton, University of Tennessee’s towering QB, is ready for his starring role as Knoxville’s QB1. Since transferring from Michigan two seasons ago, Milton has completed 85 out of 144 passes, achieving 1,346 yards, and 12 touchdowns. Despite only nine starts in his 31-game career, Milton has proven he’s ready to lead the Vols this fall. After Hendon Hooker tore his left ACL last November, Milton stepped in and stepped up, leading the Vols to finish the season ranked #6 and blowing out Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

To celebrate SEC Media and the upcoming release of Milton’s first card in 2023 Bowman U Chrome Football (fall 2023 release), we talked with the mighty QB for this installment of Collector Stories.

What’s your first memory of trading cards and collecting?

My first memory of cards is seeing the older guys that played a while back and thinking about those cards being old, being bent, but people were still collecting them, wanting them. And now, seeing myself on a card, thinking about those older guys’ cards, and being a part of it all is just dope. It’s amazing.

What do you collect?

I like collecting shoes, man. I’m a big sneakerhead. I like collecting my designer shoes, and my Jordans. I’m a big Jordan fan – I got a lot of Jordans. I like the boxes – different pairs of shoes come in different boxes. Getting a certain pair with a certain box is tough. Depending on the sneakers and drop, they might come with a limited edition-type box and a regular box. So if you’re the first person to get it or the first 10 people, you get a certain, special box. I have to be one of the first 10 people.

Do you have a favorite pair?

Man, that’s probably one of the hardest decisions right there. I’d probably say my Lobsters, SB Lobsters.

Now that you have your own card coming out in 2023 Bowman U Chrome Football, who will you tell first?

I’m gonna call my mom after this interview, man. I know she’s gonna be happy to hear that.

Community is essential to the Hobby. How is community essential for you?

It’s been good, man. The fans in Knoxville motivate you. I’ve been through a lot already. I faced adversity twice, and being in those moments and understanding that when you’re facing tough times, people will help pull you up.

How has your understanding of the Hobby changed now that you’re part of the Topps universe?

Man, it’s different. People see you on tv, but not many people can get a physical picture of you. Now they can get a trading card. One day, they can send it to me, and I can sign it and send it back. Now they have a Joe Milton trading card. That connection is pretty dope.

Being from Florida: What’s the most Florida thing about you?

Chasing rabbits. I started chasing rabbits at the age of 12. My mom really didn’t like me out there cuz it’s dangerous. You’re in the sugarcane fields. There are a lot of big cutting machines that don’t see you. If you’re running out there chasing a rabbit and you happen to be in the area where a truck is, you can die. That’s why she really didn’t like me out there.

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